From the Bible

Isaiah 49:22

This is what the Sovereign Lord says: “See, I will beckon to the nations, I will lift up my banner to the peoples; they will bring your sons in their arms and carry your daughters on their hips.




A people from North

Praise and worship is the people of God’s

response to salvation

The hallmark of God’s people is that God has chosen them, redeemed them, he owns them and has set them apart to Himself (Deut 7:6; Ex 15:13; Deut 14:2). In peace God helps and rescuers His people. He is their shield and sword and gives them victory (Deut 33:29). Furthermore, the Bible says that Banners uplifted is a reminder of Gods salvation for His people. That is why they can rejoice and sing praise to God (Ps 20:5).

In praise and worship, the use of Banners adds an even deeper dimension to the spoken words by means of powerful symbols. The cross of Jesus is our foremost Banner, our sign of victory. Jesus regards Himself as the fulfillment of the Banner of God. He is the serpent uplifted in the desert. Moses lifted up a bronze serpent as a Banner for the people (Num 21:9; Jn 3:14f). So even the prophesy of Isaiah is fulfilled. The root of Jesse will stand as a Banner to the people. Through Jesus death and resurrection He gathers all peoples. In Him is victory over death and sin. Yes indeed, Jesus Christ is the hope of the nations (Isa 11:10; Jn 12:32;

Rom 15:12; 1 Cor 15:57).

Banners are an expression of the joy

over the victory of Jesus

We use Banners for worship, for giving honor to the Lord and to celebrate the victory of God
(Ps 20:5; Song 2:4; Isa 62:10)

In the Septuagint (Greek) Version of the Old Testament the word “megalyno” , magnify, corresponds with the Hebrew word “dagal”, meaning: to lift banner (Ps 20:5; 60:4). In the New Testament we have the word “megalyno” in Lk 1:46; Acts 19:17 and Phil 1:20. Even from the Qumran finding (from the time of Jesus and earlier) we hear about the Banner “Joy in the Lord”.

The first known Christian Banner of freedom is Agnus Dei, the victorious Lamb og God, inspired by Rev 17:14. It could symbolize the joy over Jesus’ victory here and now, in contrast to persecutions.


Banners proclaim God’s victory over His enemies

When Banners are lifted, God gathers His people. He restores us as one people, a people dedicated to carry out His works. From amongst all nations, God consecrates and renew His people (Isa 11:12; 13:2f; 31:9; 49:22; Jer 4:6; 51:12; Joel 2:15f; 3:1f).

Banners forebode that God is about to intervene (Jer 51:12). Banners are used in spiritual warfare, to pronounce the presence of the Lord (Ex 17:15). Banners frighten and scatter the enemies of the Lord (Song 6:10; Isa 31:9).

In more than 70 countries dancers and other groups are organized in Banner-ministry. They are used in the Christian Church.